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Listen to audiobooks while supporting
The Silver Unicorn Bookstore!


Do you love audiobooks? Well, of course, they are books, after all, just in a different format. Now you can purchase digital audiobooks and support The Silver Unicorn Bookstore at the same time! is the only audiobook provider that shares a piece of each purchase with independent bookstores like us. You can get new releases and bestsellers from just as you can with other audiobook providers, and's audiobooks are DRM-free. Translation: You really own the file, and can listen to it on whatever device you'd like.

In addition to individual purchases, you can also purchase memberships. Here's a breakdown of their membership benefits: memberships are $14.99 per month, and as you can see in the graphic, you get the first month free.


How to get started:
  1. Visit, select your first audiobook to purchase (a-la-carte or through the membership), and follow steps to create an account.
  2. After your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions to download the iOS or Android App, for easy listening on your mobile device.
  3. Start listening. Sign into the app and download your audiobook(s) to your device.