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Merriam Book Fair 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Merriam Book Fair! The Book Fair will begin Friday, February 8th, and conclude Friday, February 15th.

Below you will find all of the books we will have for sale at the Fair, separated into 10 categories. You can scroll through the whole list from left to right, and if you find a book you like, you can click on it and more information will appear below that book's picture.

Picture Books

Picture books are ideal for kindergarteners up through third and fourth grade. Even the older kids can benefit from picture books, particularly non-fiction picture books, as some really do pack in a great deal of information.
Easier Readers

These books are ideal for kids as they are learning to read. There is a variety of books here, from 32-page books in the "I Can Read" vein up through early chapter books.
Middle Grade

Middle Grade is a burgeoning category of literature. Generally designed for kids ages 8-12, these are the chapter books your kids will remember reading when they reach adulthood.

Everything that is not easily categorized fits here. There are non-fiction books here that are not obviously history, sports or science, as well as activity books, Mad Libs, and video game books.

We sports pretty hard in New England. Some of the books here -- like those by Alex Morgan and Jason Reynolds -- are fiction. Some -- like the biographies of Ted Williams, Pedro Martinez, and the Sports Illustrated for Kids books -- are non-fiction.
Graphic Novels

There's a good chance this will be your child's favorite section. That's okay! The important thing is that they enjoy reading, and that they want to keep reading.

Filled with biographies and tales of fantastic past events, these books will help history come alive for your readers.

These books will blind your young readers with science, but only in a good way.

These are a selection of books that were recent children's book honorees and/or award winners.
Adult Books

This is a book fair for the kids, but it's also a fundraiser for the school. As such, there will be a selection of books for adults on sale as well.