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Whether you're looking for the best in a certain category or genre, or are looking for a subsection, or something off of the beaten path, or just want to see how our preferences run, our goal is simple: we want to put you in a good book. We want to help you find your unicorn -- the book that will speak specifically to you. Don't see a category or genre you're looking for? Stop by, give us a call, or shoot us an email, we're always happy to talk books!
Antiracism Non-Fiction and African-American History

Here you'll find a collection of titles, both adult and children's, that can serve as excellent primers for learning more about race, racism, and African-American history. From left to right, they are loosely organized as antiracism books, African-American history, biography/autobiography and children's titles.
Acton Mothers Out Front CanaryTrees Campaign

The Acton chapter of Mothers Out Front has organized the CanaryTrees Campaign to warn of the dangers that underground gas pipe leaks have on our street-facing trees, not to mention our health, and the health of our climate. In support of this worthy cause, we have collaborated with community activists to make this recommendation list on trees specifically, and climate change more broadly. The list is organized with adult books at the start, and children's books appear as you scroll to the right.
Politics and Electoral Reform

In a normal election year, it would be a good time to reflect on the policies that shape our government, as we choose the people who will enact those policies. This has been far from a normal year, so we cobbled together this recommendation list of political and electoral reform books. There is a wide range here, but in our estimation all are relevant for today's political climate.
ABRHS Summer Reading List 2020

The wonderful library staff at the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School, led by the empress of the library realm/library media specialist Anna Secino, have put together their 2020 Summer Reading List. This is always a fantastic list of exciting and diverse young adult titles, and we've bundled the five paperback books on this list over on our Book Bundles page.
Coffee Table/Gift Books

These are books you'll want to have on display, or see on display in the homes of your friends and family after you give them as gifts.
Books That We've Launched Here

We've had the privilege of hosting the launch event for several books. The books are listed from left to right in chronological order of their release, starting with Casey Robinson's Iver & Ellsworth. Casey's launch will always be a special memory for us, as we not only sold out of all the books we had on hand that day, but even a nine additional copies that her publisher pulled from the trunk of his car! Iver & Ellsworth went on to become the first book we sold 100 copies of!
Indian Food Cookbooks

Great, now we're hungry!
Middle Grade and Young Adult Novels in Verse

"Novels in verse" is another way of saying a novel written through poetry. It is an expanding field of literature, particularly among young people's literature. Since we get questions on what type of books fit this profile from time to time, we put together a list of our favorites.
Pride Month 2020
to benefit OUT Metrowest

Celebrate Pride Month in style with one of these 50 titles, which range from children's picture books, to middle-grade, young adult, and a variety of adult books - non-fiction, fiction, poetry, and fantasy included. A portion of the proceeds from any purchase of these 50 titles during the month of June were donated to OUT Metrowest.
Books You Just Can't Put Down!

Go ahead, we dare ya!
Scratch & Sketch Books

These books are like buying 30-60 minutes of silence in a bottle. Kids love scratching the pages off to see what fun designs are lurking beneath. As a whole, this series is easily among the store's bestsellers!
Keeping Kids Busy

Of course, we have more books to keep kids busy than just the Scratch & Sketch books. Some of these they can do by themselves, some they may need your help with. Many of these titles have comparable titles, and in addition to these, we have wide range of Usborne sticker books.
Keeping Adults Busy

Not in the mood to sit down and read, but still looking for something to do? Don't worry, we've got you covered.
Barefoot Books

A local publisher that used to have its own store in Concord, Barefoot publishes great educational books, card decks and sticker books.
National Geographic Books for Kids

These fact books are always a big hit with kids who want to learn a bunch of random things that they can use to impress their friends and family.
Paint by Sticker Kids

These books are for designed for kids, but we've heard from parents that they're fun for them as well!
Pandemic Fiction

Are these books too on the nose? Well, that's up to you to decide!
Pandemic Non-Fiction

Learn more about pandemics of the past.
Climate Fiction (Cli-Fi)

A growing sub-genre, climate fiction generally focuses on topics such as climate change and global warming. 

Sometimes, we just need a happily ever after.
Books Paul Has Been Meaning to Read!

One of the things Paul tries to do is read ahead, so he can recommend books as they come out each month. But he doesn't get to all of them. Here's a list of books that he didn't get to before they came out that he really wants to go back and read at some point. The list is only 50 books long because 50 books long is the limit for this scrolling list!
Paul's Favorite Sci-Fi Books

Paul reads a lot of sci-fi books. These are his favorites.

These are books about unicorns.
Memorable Memoirs

Everyone likes a good memoir. Here are some of our favorites.
Vegan Cookbooks

A growing sub-genre of cookbooks, we get asked a lot about these, so we put together this list to highlight our favorites.
Baby and Children's Books in both English & Spanish

It's never too early to teach your child to speak Spanish.
2019 Bestsellers - Adult Books

These are the store's bestselling adult books from 2019, which was our first full year in business.
2019 Bestsellers - Children's and Young Adult Books

These are the store's bestselling children's and young adult books from 2019, which was our first full year in business.
Year One Bestsellers - Adult Books

We opened our doors on March 24, 2018. These are the store's bestselling adult books from our first year in business.
Year One Bestsellers - Children's and Young Adult Books

We opened our doors on March 24, 2018. These are the store's bestselling children's and young adult books from our first year in business.